odeplot = Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) plot

" size="80%" onchange="process()">

x=, y =
y = 0, x =

It solves ODE graphically. This plotter can be used to visualize individual functions, First and Second order Ordinary Differential Equation over the indicated domain. Input the right hand side of Ordinary Differential Equations, y"=f(x,y,z), where z for y', then click the checkbox.

x**y or pow(x,y) for power, see help.

Below graph a second input area can be used to calculate individual numerical expressions in Math. Complex calculation must be converted to complex operator by tocomplex() before calculation and plot. The independent variable must be typed as x for evaluation. Type an expression in the area below and press enter to evaluate. For example,

  • pow(x,2)
  • for animation, add the timer(t) function and change animation speed by the different t value, input sin(x-timer(9))